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When is it Necessary to Have a Root Canal?

September 7, 2020

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a young woman holding her cheek in pain while listening to a dentist explain the need for a root canal

Learning you need a root canal might not be the news you want to hear. After all, no one wants to believe their tooth pain could be the result of poor oral hygiene or an injury that has worsened over time. The reality is that root canals are a necessary procedure when faced with serious damage or decay. While less invasive treatments can effectively fix minor cavities, more complex procedures are often required when there is a chance you might lose your natural tooth. Read on to hear from a dentist who explains what scenarios warrant root canal therapy and why sometimes a filling just isn’t enough.


What Should I Do if I Accidentally Knock Out a Tooth?

July 24, 2020

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a male hockey player with his mouth open and showing off his knocked-out tooth

No matter how it happens, a knocked-out tooth is a time-sensitive situation that will require you to seek the help of an emergency dentist within an hour if you want to save the tooth. This common dental injury can happen while playing sports, riding a bike, or even going for a run. A sudden stumble or hard hit on the ice rink can have you forgoing your gun and fleeing to the dentist’s office to repair your smile. But what should you do in the meantime? Read on to find out some helpful tips that will keep your knocked-out tooth intact as well as what solutions are available if the result is needing a replacement.


We’ve Moved! Come Visit Us at Our New Location

July 6, 2020

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“We’ve Moved” in bold lettering on piece of cardboard

Dr. Joanne Bancroft, your dentist in Westminster, and our team are always looking for ways to provide the most convenient, highest-quality dentistry. Sometimes we make small adjustments that refine the way we approach care, and at other times, we make big changes. Recently, we made such a big change — we moved into a new office! We are eager to welcome you to our new location.


Rinsing and COVID-19: How It May Reduce the Risk of Harmful Bacteria and Viruses

June 13, 2020

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a woman pouring mouthwash into a cup to rinse out her mouth

Do you perform a mouth rinse twice a day? Unfortunately, many people often forget this step in the oral hygiene routine and only stick to brushing and flossing. While those tasks are critical for removing harmful bacteria from your teeth and gum line, rinsing allows everything left behind to be flushed out of the mouth, leaving you with clean, minty fresh breath. So why is it usually a forgotten step, and why is your dentist requesting that you do it before your next appointment? Read on to learn how rinsing your mouth may help to reduce the risk of harmful pathogens, keeping you and your dentist safe.


How to Successfully Practice Social Distancing Within the Dentist’s Office

June 2, 2020

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a woman sitting in her vehicle while waiting for her dentist’s appointment

For most individuals, social distancing is not normal. Yes, everyone has their “personal space,” but the idea of not sitting next to someone in an office lobby or avoiding handshakes is not the general practice. However, COVID-19 is the reason everyone who owns a business is diligently looking for ways to help clients practice social distancing. But how is this possible in a dental office that requires close contact for effective results? Let your dentist explain.

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