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How to Successfully Practice Social Distancing Within the Dentist’s Office

June 2, 2020

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a woman sitting in her vehicle while waiting for her dentist’s appointment

For most individuals, social distancing is not normal. Yes, everyone has their “personal space,” but the idea of not sitting next to someone in an office lobby or avoiding handshakes is not the general practice. However, COVID-19 is the reason everyone who owns a business is diligently looking for ways to help clients practice social distancing. But how is this possible in a dental office that requires close contact for effective results? Let your dentist explain.

Offering a Virtual Waiting Room

Instead of waiting inside the lobby of your dentist’s office, you will be asked to remain in your vehicle and inform the front desk staff via text or phone call of your arrival. Once it is time for you to come in for your appointment, you will receive an alert. Should you not have a cell phone, you will need to let the dental team know before the day of your appointment so that someone can meet you at the front door when you arrive.

Decreasing Number of Appointments

In the past, it might have been normal to see 4 or 5 people sitting in the lobby waiting for their appointment; however, that is no longer the case. Instead, your dentist is minimizing the number of people seen in one day. By using a spaced-out scheduling method, this allows more time for each appointment and prevents too many individuals from being in the office at one time. This also makes it possible for team members to effectively clean all equipment, dental instruments, and surfaces between appointments.

Removing All Reading Materials

Since you will be asked to wait in your vehicle until your appointment time, there will be no reading materials available inside the office. With regard to updating your medical history or insurance information, your dentist will provide iPads for you to use that will be covered with a barrier tape. This protective covering will be changed after each patient touches it.

Using Contactless Greetings

For now, your dentist and team members will greet you from behind a face mask and shield and avoid handshakes, high-fives, or hugs. As hard as this can be for someone who has difficulty maintaining distance from those they care about, it may feel unwelcoming or unnatural to walk in and not give your dentist a high-five, especially if you’ve known them for years. However, to avoid unnecessary contact and the potential for transferring bacteria and viruses between each other, an elbow bump, air high-five, or simple head nod and “hello” will have to do.

These are just a few of the many ways your dentist is working to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. By working together to follow instructions and maintain distance, it may be possible to return to normal sooner rather than later.

About the Author
As much as Dr. Joanne Bancroft and her team would love for things to return to normal, COVID-19 continues to remain a threat. As a result, she is working diligently to find ways for both her staff and patients to practice social distancing. In addition to the increased sanitation efforts and wearing personal protective equipment, she is going the extra mile to keep everyone safe by implementing contactless solutions throughout the office. To find out what you can expect during your next visit, contact us at (720) 458-6561.

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